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Tips for Making the Most Out of Seminar Connections

Seminar Review - Networking
Seminar Review - Networking

Everyone knows that one of the biggest benefits of attending a seminar is the opportunity to network. And if you’ve done your part, you likely walked away from the event with at least a few new potential connections, if not a whole stack of business cards. Now what?

First, go through the business cards you acquired and make notes about the people you met, what you chatted about, and how you might like to follow up with them. If you wait too long to do this there’s a chance the name on that business card will lose all meaning and you’ll have no idea why you wanted to connect with that person in the first place.

Next, it’s always a great idea to send a short, sweet email within a day or two to those you’d like to keep in touch with to simply tell them how nice it was to connect. Now might also be a good time to feel out their receptiveness to meeting up for a chat, perhaps over coffee.

Another simple way to stay in touch with the people you’ve met is to reach out to them on social media. Follow them on Twitter or connect with them on LinkedIn. It’s a low risk way to stay in contact.

Finally, be sure you have a genuine purpose ready when you suggest meeting up for coffee. A great approach is to offer help before asking for something from them. Is there something this person brought up that you think you could help with? Chances are they’ll be more receptive to being approached in this way and you’ll be much more likely to create a strong, authentic connection with them, which could be mutually beneficial for you in the future.