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Scott Yancey Review


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Posted November 7, 2014 by

Scott Yancey did his first Real Estate deal at the early age of only 14!  He purchased a small second trust deed on a home in Studio City, California that earned 14% interest.  While most kids his age were more focused on BMX bikes, video games and then cars as Scott was, he eventually used interest to help buy his.  He also learned before most kids of his age that as a real estate investor, “Your money works for you.”

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Scott Yancey Review Seminar

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    Went to the summit in Vegas and had a fantastic time! The things I learned were so useful and I was also able to talk to Amie Yancey in-between sessions. Glad I went.


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    When I attended the 90 minute seminar I was determined (not very much) that I would not spend more than $500 for extra training. I was so impressed with the information that was presented, I decided to attend the 3 day workshop. I am so glad that I did. I thought that I could not afford any of the packages so I decided (?) that I would go it alone after the workshop. The first day we were all given a challenge to either increase our credit limit on at least one credit card and/or get a new credit card at lunch. I called Capital One had my credit limit increased from $750 to $2250.00. Wow! I told my consultant, Mike, better known as “Magic Mike.” when I saw him for my second day consultation he asked me about my military service and if I was a member of USAA. I told us and that I had a credit card with them with a $2000 credit limit. He told me to see him after I ate.

    I did see “Magic Mike.” He brought me to the resource table, finally logged onto my USAA account. I told him that I liked the cash back credit cards. He said we are going to apply for one (the Mastercard). I said OK so I applied. Approval with a $7000.00 credit limit.

    “Magic Mike” then said I should apply for the cash back VISA. I asked if he thought they would grant that request. His reply – try it. I applied for the VISA. Guess what; I was approved with a $7000.00 credit limit.

    In less than 2 days at the workshop, I had two new credit card accounts for another $14,000.00 credit limit and I also had a credit limit increase of $1500.00. A total of $15,500 of new credit.

    “Magic Mike” was able to put a silver package together for me so that I would get the money is spent for it back in good time, keep my excellent credit rating, and maybe increase my credit score a bit or two.

    Now I am on my way. i am planning on earning enough money to pay off that debt and have enough money to send my son & daughter to their local seminar and have them go to their local workshop and purchase the diamond package each.

    I live in Las Vegas. What a great way to see your children! Then it will be the entire family who are in business for themselves, taking care of themselves and others too. There is nothing wrong with that.

    To the entire team, especially “Magic Mike”, i say thank you. I hope to do all of you proud. God Bless you all and stay safe.

    Frank Lombardo, Jr
    Las Vegas, NV 89122

    Sharon Lopez

    My husband and I enjoyed learning from Dino and Garth and Darren and all the other presenters. This seminar helped us to open our minds to the investor mentality and gave us the impetus to get moving. Our goal is to become financially free using the system!

    Sherry Wagner

    Can not tell you how excited I am!!! I attended one of your seminars recently and learned so many things. It was great meeting all of the mentors that were also available to answer questions. This will be the beginning of what it feels like to control my own success. Thank you so much.



    My brother and I have been trying to get our Dad to start fix and flips. We finally encourage him to attend the Yancey “Success in Real Estate” Seminar and we are glad we came. The amount of education is endless and the support was awesome and will continue to be there as long as we need it!! We have finished the 3 day workshop and we are continuing with Boot on the Ground this week! We are in negotiations with our first home!!! That’s 2 weeks after the 3 day workshop!! Great speaker in Stephen Edwards and great mentors in Indy!

    Brian R. Holland

    This weekend event reopened my eyeson and me realize I need to make the change and not wait for change…..Kory Thurston was
    awesome…See at the summit soon

    kim vandehey

    I liked the seminar by Kory it was informative I didnt like the cheer leading but realize for most people its necessary he really is a great speaker and the info presented was current and helpful

    kayla flowers

    I had a very nice time at the seminar and classes that took place in west lafayette indiana and indianapolis indiana. it was a very nice time and i enjoyed spending time with my family that attended as well. i was a guest of my father John Foster and i loved being there with him.

    Rebecca White

    At first I thought it would be just like all the other real estate seminars we had been to but throughout the whole thing I got more and more inspired and excited

    Kevin Sebastian

    I took my wife with me to the Success In Real Estate seminar. We went in with open minds and high expectations. I was very pleased with the information and knowledge that was presented to us. I can’t wait to start investing in real estate and to be able to help others obtain a piece of the American Dream.


    I went to the 3 day seminar and the info that was given was great. The problem I have is, I gave $2000.00 to get some help in doing flips but can not get help unless I keep forking out money. Then a man called and I thought great maybe they are at least going to help me with my first deal and I even told him I had one but unless I fork out more money they were not going to help.The $2000.00 I paid was a great amount that I did not have. In fact I took 4 months rent to do this because I know its what I want and need. I thought because of all the people that do these shows ,Scott and Amie are the only ones I will watch. I am very disappointed and I know I would have been a great success story for Scott and Amie because of my back ground. They preached about helping others but that’s not at all the case it just about the money. They give you 100 day to do your first deal to get your money back and I feel that if a person pays the $2000.00 they should at least help them with that first 100 days. I am sorry about the bad review but i feel I was taken and I just wish they would have just done what they said and help me do a few deals because I did not care about getting my money back I know I would have made millions just by learning how to do deals. I am sure this review will not get posted or I will not hear from anyone about it because I do not feel they are about doing what is right. Thanks for the lesson learned

    Tracey Lewis

    I honestly had no idea what to expect. Having never been to a seminar on real estate before, I thought it would be kind of routine, boring, etc. But, this weekend provided me with knowledge of purchasing real estate that I know I can use to be able to make this a second career. And, it was anything but boring. I feel like I learned more than I expected, and am absolutely certain that my husband and myself will succeed in this field!


    Amazing information!! This is the opportunity I have been looking for to start making money in the realt estate buisness. Very excited and pumped-up with all the help Scott Yancey’s training people provide! . . . Thanks a lot Scott and Amie!

    steve marion

    Very well organized workshop with tons of tools and tips for jumpstarting my real estate career. I know that with the help of a 24 hr helpline tons of access to properties and investors I shouldn’t be able to make money in this business. I would recommend this company to anyone who is trying to make a change in their life and pursue a career in Real Estate!

    John Payne

    I highly recommend the 3 day seminar hosted and given by the Yancey Real Estate Training Group. While it was not entirely what I expected, it was very valuable and useful training for both me and my wife. We have previously invested in both Rental Properties and Foreclosure Rehabs / Flips. However, we now plan to expand our efforts and use the system taught to us at the training seminar. It is well worth the time and money.


    It wasn’t what I expected. This isn’t the first real estate seminar I’ve been to, so I knew what to expect. But Yancy’s seminar went beyond my expectations. I was not prepared for the amount of individual consultation I received. They talked and LISTENED as well and we came up with a doable plan to proceed. Along with the Inspirational and informative speakers, this was a weekend I will never forget!

    Richard Bobis

    I just returned from the 3 day workshop and ended up with the DIAMOND package. All the nay sayers were complaining about the fees but for what’s BUNDLED in the package is a NO BRAINER. I intend to move fast and so I went for the best. Thanks Scott and Amie.

    LaShunda O.

    I Just returned from the 3 day seminar in Richardson Texas, I learned so much about things that were so confusing to me. I am so glad I attended the seminar I am so excited to get started.

    salomon myvett

    I never thought that just coming to a free day seminar, was the beginning of a life change.
    Wow, I am so exited!

    juana polonski

    Money is not a problem with Yancey Training! It is an opportunity for everybody.
    Do not miss it, change your excuses.

    Ken Davis

    I was truly blown away at the knowledge of Brock Madsen and the rest of the team.

    I’ve got to do this.

    Katie Brennan

    Just returned from the 3 day seminar in Bakersfield which was absolutely mind blowing. Honestly, we were a little hesitant at first, but after even the first introductory night – with Stephen Edwards – WE COULD SEE THE LIGHT!

    Stephen Edwards was amazing – and truly humble. The information that we learned was phenomenal and we’re SO excited to hit the ground running – and go to the Buying Summit in Las Vegas!

    Sami Myers

    I learned so much about things that were so confusing to me. I am so glad I attended the seminar and can not wait for my future education with this company! I am so excited to get started!!

    Debra Schwanke

    This conference with Matt Davis has been the Opening of Doors to our Life Changing Experience. Having an interest in Real Estate Investing for the past 25 years as well as engaging in some home study courses we have been held down and held back by our own fear of failure and the unknown. I have to say the materials covered in the conference were vast and challenging; however, presented with an exceptional approach to self growth and education. For some it is unfortunate what we have not been taught or have chose not to learn throughout our youth; however, when the student is ready the teacher is willing. I (we) are more than ready and Matt was more than willing. His knowledge, patience, and desire to mentor was extremely reassuring and helped me to move through a period of fear and doubt that I experienced during the weekend, back to the strong desire for knowledge and breakthrough that led me here. Matt Davis and his associates along with the book “Who moved my cheese” have been instrumental in establishing in me new found courage and confidence that I can breakthrough life long thought patterns which have held me back for many years and redirect my thoughts to those of educated, wealthy, resources.


    Whoa what a great time! I feel so good about this path that i am going.With a hunger that know will be satisfied.

    Donna H.

    This is a program that can be utilized to build wealth. Our speaker and our mentor both worked hard at explaining everything. I am looking forward to eventually working with them. Seemed like a sham at first, but by the end of the third day it appears to be viable and usable.


    hyped about the creative way real estate deals are created

    Kevin S

    I thought this was just some scam. But they showed me different. This isn’t an opportunity to miss, I’ve been doing this for years and this experience has made all the difference. Seriously, get started!

    Fran W.

    At first I thought this was just some sham. But they showed me different. This isn’t an opportunity to miss, I’ve been doing this for years and this experience has made all the difference. Seriously, get started!

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