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5 Tips for Taking Better Notes

Seminar Review - Taking Notes
Seminar Review - Taking Notes

One of the keys to getting the most out of a seminar is to take great notes. Several weeks or months down the road, good notes will serve as a vital post-seminar resource. Poor notes, on the other hand, will leave you wondering whether or not you got anything out of it at all. Why not set yourself up for success? Take at look at these five tips for better notes to get ready for your next seminar.

Take notes by hand.

While you may be faster at note-taking when typing on your laptop, when you take notes by hand you’re more likely to remember the topic and you’ll be more engaged in the presentation.

Less is more.

Don’t feel compelled to write down every single word that comes out of the speaker’s mouth. Really focus on the presentation and capture the keywords and concepts that caught your attention and inspired you.

Jot down random thoughts.

In addition to your main notebook, have a separate list or mini notepad for those thoughts, ideas, or to-do’s that are bound to pop into your head. Not only does this keep you from forgetting a great idea, but it also keeps it from distracting you so you can focus on the speaker.

Take pictures.

If you’ve got your phone with you, take a few snapshots of the slideshow presentation or visual aids. It’ll allow you to take fewer notes and give you a great visual reminder for later.

Review, rewrite, and summarize.

As soon as you can post-seminar, go back over your notes and rewrite things while they’re still fresh in your memory. Add things you’ve remembered and spell out any shorthand you used so that your notes are as clear as possible. You can even write a quick summary at the end of notes, which is a great way to truly digest what you’ve learned in a way that is simple to review later on.